MLive Media Group Matches Advertising Investments Up to 100%. Access Unlimited Matching Funds!

Businesses are facing a changed community landscape with unique challenges in Q4. Our new Partnership Program will support marketing, advertising, and branding needs by matching 25% to 100% of the advertising investment to make sure your business is set-up and supported for the next 6 to 12 months. The match level varies based on the length of your campaign.



We’ve designed the Partnership Program to add value to your strategy immediately, by matching qualifying advertising dollars with our own investment. The longer your campaign, the more value benefit you’ll receive.

Tier One, Three Month Commitment | A match of 25% of qualifying spend
Tier Two, Six Month Commitment | A match of 50% of qualifying spend
Tier Three, Twelve Month Commitment | A match of 100% of qualifying spend

Learn more about this program to determine how it can drive new leads and traffic for your business during Q4 and well beyond.

This program will benefit advertisers through 2021, but you must sign on before October 31, 2020. Connect with us right away!

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