MLive Media Group Pledged

Matching Advertising Funds to Michigan Businesses

Since the start of the pandemic, MLive journalists have brought news of Covid-19 to our audience at a staggering pace. As our readership grew, so did the realization of the gravity of this shared experience. Powered by the responsibility to our community of reporting with integrity, and our newspapers saw record numbers of readers finding news of the pandemic and Michigan’s—and the nation’s—response.

That’s why MLive Media Group committed to matching advertising for our business community. Hundreds of businesses expressed interest, and together, we began to turn the lights back on in our restaurants, retailers, and other local industries.  If you are among the advertisers that took advantage of this benefit, thank you. We truly hope that our contribution made a lasting different during an uncertain time.

At MLive, the success of our community is priority number one. At MLive, we care.



Tim Gruber, President and Chief Revenue Officer

The application period for the Matching Grants has ended. Thank you for your interest in the program! While the program might be closed, our team of experts is always here to help you as your business manages the ever-changing times. Contact Us today!

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